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June 30, 2017

A temporary work by the architect José Neves, which uses expanded cork agglomerate supplied by Corticeira Amorim


In this year's edition, the Praça CCB has been designed using expanded cork agglomerate - a 100% natural material supplied by Amorim Cork Insulation.

In this context and at the invitation of Garagem Sul, the architect José Neves has conceived a cork installation capable of stimulating the senses, while reconstituting a mechanics of the space, embodying the transformation of the place and creating an opportunity to experience the nature of the materials used.

For José Neves: "Cork is an absolutely familiar material and, at the same time, is always surprising, with a great deal still to explore as a construction material. I like almost everything about Amorim’s black cork agglomerate blocks (in addition to their well-known characteristics, in terms of technical and acoustic insulation): size; easily manageable scale and proportion, identical to long Lego bricks; dark and warm colours - earthy browns and tree trunks - that change a lot in the light and transform over time; the rough and monotonous texture; the aroma. "

He adds: "Over the last few days, while the work was being assembled in the CCB, I don’t think there was anyone who while crossing the Praça CCB, didn’t stop to stare at the cork walls and wanted to touch them with their hands. "

The weekly screening of documentaries about architecture and music in the Praça CCB, as part of the CCB’s Summer programme, is the pretext for offering a multifaceted construction that will combine various uses - including a playground and recreational area for our daily visitors during the Summer months.

Until September 12, in the Praça CCB