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A case of recycling of Expanded Insulation Corkboard was studied. A cold room built in Matosinhos in 1964 and demolished in 2009 by real estate matters allowed to recycle and reuse all expanded insulation corkboard avoiding sending to landfill over 120 trucks of cork. [45 years later, after demolition, expanded insulation corkboard was at 100%]. The tests conducted by an independent laboratory (LNEC) to the material obtained from the demolition indicated that the thermal conductivity is 0.039 W / mK. After demolition material was recycled and reused.

As an example of material durability: One home built in 1927 in United States was insulated with 50mm of Expanded Insulation Corkboard and after a visit in 2012 we have confirmation by the current owner that the material continues to perform well, providing him with comfort .