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The energy consumed during the manufacturing process of construction materials, transportation and building construction have been neglected and yet the energy consumption of a building during its lifetime depends on the choice of the used materials.

Thinking about the concepts of Passive House or net-zero energy houses (zero-energy) or even other more extreme energy-extra, the role of the energy used in the house before actually living there should also become central to the house global energy balance.

The term "embodied energy" is referred to as a measure of energy intensity used during the extraction, production and transportation. The "embodied energy" of different materials is thus a useful measure for the initial energy consumption. It is usually given in kilojoule or megajoule per unit mass or volume unit - or kilogram or cubic meter.

The materials used in construction must be produced from resources that are using energy or obtained naturally.

The Expanded Insulation Corkboard is a product of very low embodied energy.